How Does Pornography Influence People?

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How Does Pornography Influence People?

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Now it's easier and more common to reach pornography than ever before.You might encounter it on the internet, on social media, in advertisements, and in video games. Pornography is so widespread that very few people know about the damage of pornography. Studies by social scientists, psychologists, neurologists, and biologists on pornography have found that pornography produces serious adverse effects. In fact, according to experts who study human behavior, all kinds of sexual perversions can begin with watching pornography, followed by fantasies that end very disastrously. So, there are some common harms from pornography, which include addiction, negative effects on the brain and psychology, and destroyed relationships within families.

There is one common damage from pornography—it causes dependency. There are two reasons that pornography addicts people. The first one is that it releases dopamine. The dopamine hormone, which makes people feel happy, also makes them become addicted to watching pornography because the brain wants to experience more of that feeling. The second one is that some people who watch pornography can have a new experience with new people every day, but in reality, they can’t have sex with new people all the time. Therefore, these people cannot be satisfied with the videos that they have watched. They continuously want to watch and feel new experiences with new videos. In an experiment, scientists put a male mouse in a large cage with female mice when they were in the mating period. Then, the male mouse started mating with female mice over and over again. After repeatedly mating, he did not want to mate more. Scientists put new female mice to mate into the environment.

All the fatigue and reluctance of the male mouse went away as if nothing had happened, and he started to mate with the newcomers and continued to mate until he got tired again. When new mice came, the male mouse showed the same behavior repeatedly and continued until it was severely depleted. This effect is not exclusively for mice. It is also seen in all mammals and in humans. The biggest reason why porn is addicting is that it constantly provides them new experiences and people. As in mice, when a person watches porn, he or she witnesses a different sexual experience with a new person, so the feeling of fatigue and exhaustion goes away. As a result, someone keeps watching pornography over and over again. As a researcher says, “Everyday pleasures stop causing excitement and the viewer seeks out more novel, more intense pornography to get the same high as before” (Gilkerson, 2014).

Watching pornography destroys the brain and affects psychology negatively. Neurosurgeons Hilton and Watts, who research about how pornography affects the brain, said that “all addictions create, in addition to chemical changes in the brain, anatomical and pathological changes which result in various manifestations of cerebral dysfunction collectively labeled hypofrontal syndromes” (Hilton and Watts, 2011). Furthermore, in one study in Germany, 64 men's brains were examined by Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). In the one result, the researchers found that “there is an association between the number of hours of pornography someone consumes each week and less grey matter in their brains” (Kühn And Gallinat, 2014). This point is so important because grey matters are brain cells and if they decrease people can lose their abilities. And another result was that people who have a habit of pornography were seen to have a loss of capacity in the right caudate nucleus and their connections between the right side and the left side of the brain were adversely affected.

In this way, the function of the region that has responsibility for responding to sexual stimuli was found to decrease. When people who watch pornography go out of the virtual environment and join normal social life, they have problems in their relations with the opposite sex, and they have problems with their social skills. These people enter their rooms, close the doors, and spend a lot of time in front of the videos instead of taking time for their family, doing sports, going to a cinema and theater, drawing a picture, or finding a hobby. In this case, pornography makes people unhappy, reluctant to start over in a job, inefficient in business, and unsuccessful in relationships and in academic life. If the element of religion is added, the person may feel guilt and regret, and they experience depression, obsession, and similar psychological commotion.

The other harm of pornography is its effects on family relationships. As is known, watching pornography represents erotic views and stories. Pornstars usually have sex for a long time without getting tired. They have a perfect body and high performance. Moreover, they can have sex with many people and try many fantasies. When people watch pornography, after a while, they start to match themselves with pornstars and try to imitate them. But real life is not the same as the videos. People ask, “Why don’t I have the same performance as them? Do I have faults?” Therefore, these circumstances make people disappointed and affect the relationship between wife and husband negatively. On the other side, pornography provides many different fantasies and messages. The messages it conveys are fascinating because they are fantasy and therefore more exciting than the real world.

That is why people who have a habit of watching pornography have unrealistic expectations from their partners. As a researcher said, “Married men who are involved in pornography feel less satisfied with their conjugal relations and less emotionally attached to their wives” (Fagan, n.d.). Therefore, pornography destroys relationships within families. Furthermore, because people usually watch these kinds of movies alone and in secret, pornography causes cheating and destroys trust. This also damages the safety of marriage. As reported, “Pornography use is a pathway to infidelity and divorce, and is frequently a major factor in these family disasters” (Fagan, n.d.).

In conclusion, watching pornography causes addiction, destroys relationships within families, and has negative effects on the brain and psychology. If someone watches pornographgy, they will feel insensitive to the previous views, and they probably will want to watch more and more. Also, it affects the brain and psychology. It changes the chemical structure of the brain and causes anatomical and pathological changes in the brain. All these changes are negative for the brain. At the same time, it isolates people from others and makes people unhappy, reluctant to start over in a job, inefficient in business, and unsuccessful in their lives. It affects the relationship between wives and husbands. Moreover, it can destroy trust in the relationship and causes divorces. People should think twice before watching pornography because it really affects people negatively.


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